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Breast Cancer - Caurses, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.


Breast Cancer
Because of the social changes, which has brought increased number of workingwoman and hence delayed childbearing, there has been a steep rise in the number of breast cancer patients in the last few decades. But as the incidence of the patients has risen so has raised themodality of treatments and the success rates. Also scientists have devised methods by which the cancer can be detected in an early stage and it has been convincingly proved that early detection and treatment bears a better prognosis than the later stage.

There are many myths attached to breast cancer. Some think that any lump in breast is a breast
cancer but to the contrary most of them are benign. Similarly it was a popular belief earlier that breast-feeding decreases one’s risk of the cancer but that has been now found to be untrue. Some say that mammography makes the breast cancer widespread but it’s not true. Similarly there are many other myths, which need to be cleared in mind of the general mass for the proper detection and management of the tumor.

Early detection
Breast cancer can be detected in an early stage if women are taught to self-examine their breast. In case of detection of any breast lump or of any slightest suspicion, mammography should be done to rule out any tumor. Mammography is a good tool to diagnose this type of cancer.

Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer
The incidence of breast cancer is increasing at an alarming rate. It is said that every 2-3 minutes one  woman is diagnosed a breast cancer.

Although the cause is not fully understood but it is hypothesized that there are various factors such as genetic and environmental. The environmental factors are increased age, obesity, smoking and having the first child at late age.

The findings that denote a cancer are single, non-tender and firm to hard mass with ill-defined margins. This can be later confirmed by mammography and biopsy. After the cancer has been diagnosed staging is done to find out the best treatment option as well as the prognosis.

The management of breast cancer rests basically on two things. The first is the treatment and second is the counseling. The treatment can further be divided into three: medical, radiation, and surgery. The medical treatment consists of drugs such as tamoxifen, which is an anti estrogen, aromatase inhibitors such as aminoglutethimide and monoclonal antibodies such as trastuzumab. But similar to other drugs they have their own side effects profile. The side effects associated with tamoxifen are increased vaginal bleeding, endometrial cancer and cataracts. The aromatase inhibitors have the side effects of leg cramps, jaundice and weight gain while the monoclonal antibodies may cause sterility or certain birth abnormalities.

Generally the radiation and surgery are the modalities, which are needed for the treatment to ward off the body of the cancerous growth.

Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer
This is one of the most important parts of the treatment both before and after the surgery. The patients are to be taught that this is only another disease, which has treatment available, and persons can lead a normal life after that.

Latest research
Latest research is being done on both the surgery and the medicine. For the surgery, surgeons are trying to find out the best way of surgery so that post surgery the patients have minimal disabilities. Similar medicines with lesser side effects are being researched.

Breast Cancer, what you should know about Testing and Diagnosis

The chance, that breast cancer is found early, it is more likely to be treated successfully. Checking for cancer in a person who does not have any symptoms is called screening.

Screening -Tests for breast cancer include, among others, clinical breast exams and mammograms and there is a very important base in the health-service for women.
The doctor or other health care professional can check the breasts and underarms for lumps, during a clinical breast exam, which could be a sign of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer
""What is the “mammogram”?

“The mammogram is a special x-ray of the breast and that can often detect cancers that there are too small for a woman or her doctor to feel them. “

A lot of studies show's that mammography screening has reduced the number of deaths from breast cancer. But also, some other studies have not shown a clear benefit from mammography. So you can't get a 100% results!

But, to day there are no other ways to check out the breast cancer with a good percentage. Concerning that, the Scientists are continuing to examine the level of benefit that mammography can produce. The National Cancer Institute recommends the following:

• you are a woman in your 40s, you should have mammography screening every one to two years.

• you are a woman age 50 and older, you should have mammography screening every one to two years.

• If you are a woman who is at higher than average risk for breast cancer, you should seek expert medical advice about whether to begin screening before age 40 and how often to have screening mammography.

Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer
The results are between 5 and 10 percent of mammogram not normal and require more testing. The one good information - the most of these follow-up tests confirm that no cancer was present.

What will be this "more testing"? The doctor will call it a “Biopsy”. The procedure which is
needed is to take a small amount of fluid or tissue must remove from the breast to make a diagnosis. A doctor might perform fine needle aspiration, a needle or core Biopsy, or a surgical

This tissue goes to in the lab, this tissue will be checked on the pathologist examines under the microscope and the results let him see if any of the cells are cancerous.

In the last time, the Doctors are studying another new type of surgical biopsy that removes less breast tissue. This new type is called an image-guided needle breast biopsy, or stereotactic biopsy.

With this new system - If approved for general use, we can await, that the result's are much more efficient and clearly, so that the doctors would become an important surgical tool.

The last technical review - With the magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, and ultrasound we
have two other techniques which the researchers think might detect breast cancer with greater accuracy and with lower risk!

Breast Cancer
Brest Cancer
What's can help you?

Other new techniques used to find cancer include a new way of reading mammograms called digital mammography.

Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, and ultrasound are two other techniques which researchers think might detect breast cancer with greater accuracy.

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Make Money at Home - Learn the Secrets Before Starting...

To a lot of people, network Marketing seems an arduous task. But it doesn't have to be that
 way. Networking can be very rewarding and you can have fun while learning how to make
 money at home.
 Advertising can be accomplished in many different ways. Car stickers to sign posts and beer mats have been used consistently. Business cards conveniently placed in Hotels, Taxi Ranks,
 Airport departure lounges and hundreds of other suitable venues have produced good results. Making money online doesn't have to be pursued online.

 To make money on the Internet, you just have to communicate through all the known mediums available. Be proud of what you represent and make sure that others know you are proud of
 your business. If you aren't proud of it, then go find something else that you can be proud of representing.
 You do not need a highly priced business to make money on the internet. In fact, the lower the price, the more interest your business will receive.
 Now this is where people go astray ... Network Marketing is about leverage. It is not about
 signing up thousands of people in your first week. It's about finding just a few people who find a few people ... and so on.
 Remember, the drop out rate for highly priced businesses are substantially more than for the
 lower priced options. Affordability is a key factor in retaining your associates and your associates are the key factors that allow you to make money at home. Looking after, supporting and mentoring those associates should be your prime purpose in life. They are the people who will ensure your success.

 In some businesses, you will not find any support whatsoever. Those are the ones to avoid.
 Also take a look and see if there is a good marketing system in place. If there isn't, you could run up a sizeable bill in marketing your business with external resources.
 Remember, the whole point in starting and maintaining your business is to make money, not to spend it on resources that should have come with the business model.
 While automation plays a part in todays marketing environment, it is the personal touches that
 make the sale. That follow up phone call to say hello, makes a whole lot of difference between success and failure.
 To make money online, you have to communicate with those who have taken an interest in your business and you have to assure them that you are the person they need as a sponsor. Are youthat dependable person? 

I Make Money Online. You Can Too

When I purchased my first computer over 10 years ago, I knew I wanted to put it to work and make money with it some how. But I knew nothing about computers or the Internet. I knew
 nothing about network marketing, search engine marketing, or even how to create my own web site. I knew nothing about e-mail marketing e-mail leads or how to set up an e-mail list.

 I began searching the Internet for ideas. I quickly learned that you could join several affiliate
 programs and they would supply you with a free affiliate web page. Unfortunately getting good quality traffic to these affiliate web pages was somewhat of a challenge. And the Major search engines wouldn’t even list my new affiliate web pages. So once again I was left searching the Internet for ideas.
 I kept reading over and over again to get your own domain name and create your own web site.
 Then incorporate all your affiliate links into your new web site. Create a theme and join affiliate programs related to that theme. But I knew nothing about creating a web site. And what the
 heck is HTML?
 I began creating web pages on Microsoft publisher. These were very simple pages and now when I look back at them I have to laugh. They were anything but professional and publisher
 actually made many errors in the HTML code. But this was all just part of the learning curve. You have to learn to walk before you run.

 Eventually I started writing my own HTML using Microsoft word and saving it as a simple HTML text file. To this day all my web page’s are created using word.
 Since starting my online business I have probably joined 100s of affiliate program opportunities, re-modeled my web page over 50 times and spend more than 4 hours a day reading and learning how to further promote my sites to make more money. All this was done on my own
 with little to no training from others.
 When I started I knew nothing and now my business is getting between 5-10 commission checks in the mail every month generated from sales or leads coming from my 6 web sites.
 I get people that say to me all the time. I cannot do that on my own. Well if I can do it you can too. It just takes a little patients and the will to learn. If you want to make money online you need to act. You need to search for information and read all about how to create your own web site.
 Then you need to search for information on how to promote, advertise, and most of all how to get good search engine rankings.

How to start a home business.

Do you know that it’s possible for a housewife or a ‘one-man-show’ around the world to start a home business for full time income?
 It’s possible. And I'm going to tell you what you need and how to do it.
 First you need to get an extra phone line, fax and a computer in your home. This should be different from your existing home phone line or computer. That was easy to get started, wasn't it?
 The secret to start a home business quick and profitable is to be a ‘middle man’ between the
 prospects and the products or services they are looking for. It’s that simple! Of course you can create your own products or services to sell, but why go through the hassle in the early stages

 of getting started? By being the ‘middle man’, you can get started immediately.
 Then, you have to determine whether you want to be a ‘middle man’ for a product or service oriented business. Both will give you the same benefits. Even if it’s product oriented, you are not
 be producing it. You are just merely getting it from someone and passing it to the customer. Therefore, you should not have any inventory. However, I’ll prefer to be involved in service oriented home business because it’s less ‘sticky’. Products may have more issues such as delivery, order fulfillment, product return and so on.
 Here are 3 ways you can immediately start a home business by being a ‘middle man’ for a
 service oriented home business:
 1. Human Resource ‘Department’
 Do you know that many companies are hiring and many people are looking for a job? This is
 one of the best opportunities that you can get started immediately. It’s low cost, almost zero in cost. Go to all the offices and factories in your city and tell the human resource
 manager/department that you want to help them find reliable staff. They will have a list of vacancies. Get all the details. Compile it and start announcing to the public what vacancies you have to offer! You can make money from either the company or anyone who gets a job from your help. You decide how much commission you want. If the company already has their own
 commission scheme, you can just earn from there.
 2. Real Estate
 You'd be surprised that many people are actually buying houses each day. And many people are selling houses as well! Don't believe me? Go to your local real estate dealer’s office and you'll see there are plenty of requests from people wanting to buy or sell houses. You can just be a ‘middle man’ to get the deal. In fact, all real estate agents are ‘middle men’ in reality. You can just tie up with a few real estate agents and negotiate for a commission from them if you help them to get the houses their customers are looking for, or to help their customers to sell off
 their house.
 A few deals a month will land you in big commission checks because houses price can vary from $50,000.00 to $5,000,000.00! However, you do want to set a certain criteria of amount that
 you will not participate. Example, you might not do any deals below $25,000.00 (or whatever figure you choose) because you'll need to put in the same effort and yet the return is too minimal.
 3. Seminar business

 Do you see seminars conducted in your city or state? It can be any type of seminars. Doesn't matter what seminar it is. Pick up your phone and call the seminar organizers. Tell them you'll
 find participants to fit in their room and ask them how much commission they are willing to pay
 you per head. If the company is smart, they'll pay you good commission because they no longer need to invest their money in advertising. And secondly, they cannot lose because they are paying you for results only.
 Once you have experience of it, you may even consider engaging your own speaker one day and organize it. This can be your quarter year project for quick, instant cash.
 There are so many other ways to start a successful home business. I've not even covered on how to start a home business by using the internet.

 So don't give excuses for yourself that it’s too much work, you need a lot of money to get started, and so on. Those are all excuses you create for yourself because of unconscious fear of failure. Or your own limiting beliefs.
 It’s your life. It’s your decision. Sit on it, and there is no way you can expect to start a home
 business. Start it today, and maybe you'll start making money in a few months and generate a full time income in a year or 6 months.

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How To Avoid Fraud, Deceit & Scams!

The world is full of people who feel they can take advantage of others to obtain their goals in
 life. Fraud, Deceit & Scams happen in the real world every day. Just tune into your local news to
 hear about them. But, Fraud, Deceit & Scams also happen in the virtual world as well. And, unfortunately they often hit those who can lease afford the losses.

 Online we are always inundated with "get rich quick schemes" and their claims of "overnight
 success". If you're like me you find this kind of s.p.a.m clogging up your email box on a daily bases. They tell us how easy it is. How we can just sit back and relax, do nothing all day long and still make a roll full of money. Hell, we might as well go golfing because we'll be making money hand over fist while on the golf course. :-| Now while sitting back and watching the
 money roll in would definitely be nice, reality is, rarely does any get rich quick scheme ever
 work. The promises of millions never pan out no matter how hard you try.

The problem here is that so many people want and need to make more money. And they want
 to make that money as quickly as they can. So they believe, or hope that what the scammer is telling them will be true. But understand this, even the greatest, largest companies in the world took time and work to build. Martha Stewart for example will tell you that she started her business in the basement of her house. And look where that business is today. A multi billion
 dollar a year corporation. While we all can't be Martha Stewart or Donald Trump  we can have our own successful home based business if we just stay away from the scams.

So, how do we spot the scams? Well, if you are serious about operating your own home based
 business there are things you can watch out for. Sort of the red flags of the business opportunity world. Let's have a look at some now.

 - Charging you for information about their business opportunity.
It's pretty plain and simple. A so called business opportunity tells you all you have to do is go to your mail box pick up the checks and cash them, but first you must send them a check to get the information on how this is done.

Can You Really "Strike Gold" Online?

I guess human nature leads us to this about every 30 - 50 years.
 As a history major, I studied the gold rush of 1849, the 19th century oil booms, the stock market hustles of the late 1920's, the get rich-quick mail order schemes of the 1950's and 60's and now
 the "Internet" gold rush of the late 1990's and early 21st century.

 When people perceive someone else getting rich with little or no effort, they jump on the band wagon seeking fame and fortune.
 In reality, in any "gold rush," the ones who really get rich represent the exception.
 Unfortunately, people perceive those "exceptions" as the rule, rather than the special cases they actually represent.

But, if you're bound and determined that you can be one of the "chosen few" who get rich online, the following tips will save you years of frustration.

** Little Oil Wells **
Don't try to get rich online with one gold or oil "strike!"
 Most people I know who do very well online operate multiple websites targeting multiple niche markets.
They sell many products and make their money by creating multiple streams of income rather
 than depending on a single website to stake their claim for online riches.

** Solve Problems **
People go online to solve problems.
 Whether they need to improve their job interview skills or find a winter coat and hat for their Chihuahua, they want to find products or knowledge they don't currently possess.
 The more pressing the problem, the easier and faster these people will buy.
 The easiest way to make a fortune online involves finding the most severe problems you can and charging for the solutions.

** Sweat, Not Money **
Most people want to throw money at a problem and hope that will get them what they desire.
 This fact keeps the "get-rich-quick" schemers in business.
However, the best way to make money online involves getting your hands dirty, learning a market inside and out, discovering what they want to buy and why, and then selling it to them.
 Contrary to popular belief, throwing money at a problem often won't solve it.

** Don't Compete **
The fastest way to make a fortune online involves persuading other people to sell your product or service for you as an affiliate.
 However, nobody sells a product or service for someone they perceive as "competition."
 You must position your product or service in such a way that others will eagerly promote it for you because they see you as someone who complements what they already offer.

 ** Wants vs. Needs **
Circus and publicity guru, P.T. Barnum, expressed it best, "People will spend their last nickel to
 have fun!"
 People always find a way to buy what they want, but often avoid spending on what they need.

 ** The Underwear Myth **
The "make money in your underwear at the kitchen table working only 1 or 2 hours a day" represents the biggest crock of !@#$% ever foisted on the public.
 Anyone I know who makes a lot of money at anything, busts their buns to get their projects off the ground.
 Once they get a business up and running, it might only take a couple of hours a day or week to keep it running, but they worked their fingers to the bone to get things rolling.
 And the real secret to their success: they repeat the process over and over again!

Can You Really Make Money with Surf for Cash Programs?

This article will focus on the Spedia Surf for Cash Program.
 I first came across from my Alexa Toolbar as a result of visiting another non related site. I was looking for programs to promote and spedia sounded good on the outside and I
 almost signed up in order to refer others into the program.

 It all sounded too good to be true. The 5 level deep payout structure would ensure a decent income after some heavy promoting but my intuition told me to do a quick search for the term
 "spedia scam" and see if there was any negative spedia information around. The results speak for themselves.
 An abundance of warnings and people's negative experiences with spedia. The most common
 complaints seem to be that they don't pay. Other complains include system crashes and spam if you cancel your account.

You must agree to these terms in order to participate in the Spedia Surf for Cash Program. It is a very interesting page. Especially clause
 #16 whereby you agree not to participate in a Class Action Law Suit against Spedia but you are
 "allowed" to make a claim as an individual.
 Personally, I cannot see any one person taking Spedia to court for 30 bucks which they did not
 pay. If you cannot participate in a Class Action whereby thousands of individuals can make a claim with one court case and with one attorney, what chance have you got to get your money?
 Spedia and Surf+ Scumware
 It seems that by downloading and installing the spediabar, you are also installing a Scumware program called Surf+. This is not a good thing. The Surf+ Scumware has the ability to change plain text words on any web page into hyperlinks. These hyperlinks are inserted without the permission of the webmaster in order to hijack you onto another site.

 Certain Spyware and Scumware programs will require special attention to be removed from your system because they cannot be removed by the regular add/remove programs method. If
 your computer has been infected with the Surf+ virus, you will need instructions to remove all
invisible components from your system.

 A Better Way to Make Money Online
 It seems that even IF you find a legitimate Surf for Cash program, it will take ages to get even a $30 payout.
I still think it is much easier to sell either your own products or other people's products and services via an affiliate program. To do this you will need your own website, register your own domain name, select a web hosting company and learn how to get traffic to your site.

Are You Wasting Time
 It's time to ask yourself, "Am I wasting time on the Internet?" and "Does it really serve me to do what I am doing?".
 If we are doing the same old things and not getting the desired results, it may be time to shift our thinking and open up to new ideas, or do some of the stuff we know we "should" do but
 have been to lazy to do it.

5 Quickest Ways To Massive Windfalls Of Cash Online

These days everyone wants to know how to make money online.
 Yet, for some, this lifestyle seems out of reach. Does this describe you at all?
 If you’ve been banging your head against the wall trying to figure out the quickest and easiest methods to generate cash for yourself online, then these five tactics should have you opening your eyes wide and wondering: “Why didn’t I think of this before?”

 Cash Tactic 1: Affiliate Products
 Affiliate products offer the small, home-based business owner the opportunity to make truckloads of cash, while investing a minimum in over head.
 Low overhead is the primary benefit of affiliate marketing. You don’t need your own merchant account. You don’t need to pay a web designer and programmer to create a huge e-store for you. You don’t handle customer complaints, refunds or returns...
 All you do is refer the prospect to the merchant’s site, and the merchant handles the rest.
 I believe the best affiliate products are information products. Your commissions on information
 products tend to be higher simply because the author can price an information product higher than what the average shopper spends on a tangible product sold online on a typical day.
 This is because the value of information is ambiguous at best, and subjective to how the
 prospect sees value. People are willing to spend much, much more in order to acquire a solution to their problems.

 Cash Tactic 2: Resale Rights
 Resale rights are the lazy marketer’s salvation. You don’t have to create your own product. You don’t have to write a single word. You may not even have to lift a finger on sales page creation when the resale product comes with a ready-to-upload sales page.
 All you do is pay the licensing fee to acquire rights to the product, perform a small amount of editing to change the payment link over to yours, and upload the sales page and product file to your web server.
 The trend is taking a turn for the better in 2015 while the marketing world goes through its latest
 “next big thing”: niche marketing.

Today, you can find products with resale rights for such things as cooking, golf, arts and crafts, self-improvement and more.

Seizing on the profits promised by demand for niche products, there are dozens of new authors out there who have devoted themselves to turning out these niche products, and offering them with resale rights.

Cash Tactic 3: Special Reports

A special report is a ‘mini e-book’ of no more than about 5 to 12 pages in length. While you can certainly create a mini-ebook that sells (provided the information it contains is perceived to be
 valuable enough), the best use of a short report is as a lead generating tool for your affiliate campaigns.

The mini-ebook is the ideal viral tool. You create (or acquire) a mini-ebook which is branded with your affiliate links and/or your main URL.

The focus of the report should be niche specific and completely focused on the pre-selling of the affiliate product.

Cash Tactic 4: Interviews

It’s a piece of cake to churn out products created from interviews. In fact, it may be one of the laziest content generation methods available.

Interview packaging is easy, too. You can present the interview as a written transcript, an audio transcript, or both. You can offer a downloadable mp3 file or you can burn the entire interview to
 CD, put an attractive label on it, and instantly raise your price by at least 30%.

Cash Tactic 5 Teleseminars

Do you want to know something interesting about teleseminars?

While they’re becoming a popular marketing method, the field is really wide open for you to cash in on them because very few marketers understand how to pull them off.

A teleseminar requires advance planning and a willingness to overcome a bit of stage fright. The average marketer in competition with you avoids teleseminars for these reasons.

They’re intimidated by the idea of showing up on time and speaking, even via telephone, to an audience of a couple hundred people.

You can cash in on this technique in a big way. Teleseminars, right now, are popular mainly among the internet marketing crowd and tend to focus on marketing-related subjects; but, just
 imagine what you could do if you held teleseminars for non-internet marketing niche audiences?

The field is wide open and vastly under-exploited.

There you have it - five quick and easy methods to generate windfalls of cash online!

It’s really amazingly simple, isn’t it? Every tactic is really just a vehicle of delivery for an idea. Your profits begin in an idea which spawns market research. This spawns an analysis of the
 best approach for delivering your idea to buying public.

While there are many more secrets and techniques to generate massive cash windfalls from the internet, as a start, you should put any one of these methods to good use.

I promise that you will finally get a taste of what it’s really like to succeed wildly online if you do so!

Bird Flu – Answers to 10 Important Questions

Change your body now

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How Most Millionaires get to be Millionaires.

Why do so many people claim that money isn’t important? Why is there this notion that wanting money somehow makes you an ill adjusted bad human being? It’s such a strange thought
 pattern don’t you think?

Wanting more money in your life doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It doesn’t mean you’re greedy either. It just means you want more out of life. You want more freedom. You want more
 security. You want more fun. Whatever it is, you just want more. Money is just simple a means to that end.

 I hoe I don’t let the cat out of the bag, but that’s what this whole home business gig is anyway.
 Someone sells you on the idea that you can make tons of money working from home as an independent contractor or distributor for this company or that. And, it’s not that you ever buy into the promise that the home business is selling, but you take a leap of faith and give it a try.

We start small, maybe $20 for a book about real estate investing. I know my first brush with the thought that I could be independently wealthy working from home was when I came across an ad for the ebook Googlecash (if you don’t know what I’m talking about just do a quick google search). The idea seemed so easy and so low risk I figured why not give it a try.

 Most millionaires become millionaires by starting a small business, saving their revenue, and then investing. It really is that simple. Let me say that again, all you have to do to become a millionaire is start a small business, save, and invest.

 So, what do millionaire look like? Well, most are in their sixties and living the same type house
 that you and I live in. They look like us. They dress like us. They are us. The only difference is they have a whole lot more money in the bank.

 Here’s a fact that I hope will hit home. There are twice as many millionaire small business
 owners than there are millionaire doctors or lawyers combined. So, if you own a home based business or you’re thinking about checking out some legitimate home based business opportunities then your on the right track. Just stick with it and don’t give up!
 Remember most millionaires are get to be millionaires by being just like you and me, they’re home business entrepreneurs!

Bird Flu – Answers to 10 Important Questions

Change your body now

20 Small Business Tips, For Success

These are just some general tips to keep in mind as you design/operate your small business:

 1. Take the time out to explore and understand whether or not you are compatible with running your own business.

Some people are just plain happier and better off financially on the other end of the paycheck.

 2.Get your personal finances in order. Before you jump into the entrepreneurship world, get your own money matters squared away.

 3. Pick your niche. Many small business owners succeed in businesses that are hardly unique
 or innovative. Take stock of your skills, interests, and employment history to select the business that is best suited for you.

 4. Benefit from your business plan. The exercise of creating a business plan is what pays the dividends. Answer the tough questions now before the meter starts running.

 5. Do not think you need bankers and investors at the outset of your business. The vast majority of small businesses are bootstrapped.

 6. Acquire the proper background. In the early months and years of your business, you will have to acquire many skills. Gain the background you need to oversee all facets of your business well, but determine what tasks you should outsource or hire employees.

 7. Remember that nothing happens until a sale is made – How many good products go nowhere because they do not reach the shelves? Sales drive your business. You will need a good marketing plan to sell your product or service.

 8. You have to see a customer to know one. N o matter how busy you are, spend at least 25% of your time with customers. You cannot make the proper business decision without
 understanding their viewpoint.

9. Solve your customers’ problems. The best way to satisfy your customers is not by selling them products but by giving solutions to their problems. There is a big difference.

10.Quality takes minutes to lose but years to regain. Quality is not a destination, it is a never
 ending journey. After you have strayed from quality’s path, your journey maybe sidetracked forever.

11. Put profitability first, rewards seconds. In small businesses, profitability must come first. Find out how to measure your cash flow and understand key financial ratios.

12. Hire supporters. If you intend to create a growing business, your number one duty is to assemble a great team of employees.

 13. Do not do it alone. Find such help from small business peers, a mentor, even trade
 associations. They can help take some of the trial and error of beginning your business.

14. Vendors are partners too! Treat your vendors like customers and watch your partnership grow.

15. Make use of benefits. Understand how to provide insurance and other benefits for your employees and cut your tax bill at the same time.

16. Ignore regulatory issues at your peril. Federal, state, and local governments require licenses, registrations, and permits. Obey them or face losing your business.

17. Know the tax laws. Invest in understanding tax issues that affect your small business.

18. It’s the people! Whatever happens to a small business happens at the hands of the people who work for it. The evolution of the business is a result of their efforts.

 19. Fast, good, cheap. Pick any two. Serious trouble awaits those who attempt to be all three in the market place. Stick with what you do best.

20. Develop a passion for learning. As your business grows, you need to change and grow along with it. One common denominator can be found in all successful business owners and
 that is a passion for learning.

Bird Flu – Answers to 10 Important Questions

Change your body now

A $40 Million Dollar Little Known Referral Strategy

Would you like to know how a car wash chain with only 12 locations has cleaned over
 33,373,975 cars and has an annual revenue of over $40 Million (that is not a misprint) using little to no paid advertising?

 Well, sit forward because I'm about to tell you. The company name is "Car Spa" and here's how I discovered their brutally effective referral strategy. I often go to Taco Bell to have lunch and read a book. I noticed a little flyer next to their cash register.

A few days later I stopped in with my family to get a frozen yogurt and right next to the cash register was the same flyer.

The next day, I took my family to our favorite buffet restaurant and low and behold, there was a stack of Car Spa flyers.
I then started asking the people at these locations what the deal was with the Car Spa flyer that they had next to their cash register and they all said that some old guy comes around every
 week and replinishes their stack.

I asked them, "Do you have some type of reciprocal arrangement with Car Spa?" They all said,
 "No...they asked if they could put their flyers there as a gift to our guests and we said sure."

They're All Over the Place!

Before you knew it, I started noticing their little discount flyers ALL OVER THE PLACE.
The copy center I use had a stack of Car Spa flyers.
 The barber I use had a stack of Car Spa flyers.
The oil and lube place I use had a stack of Car Spa flyers.

So I Finally Visited Car Spa

And it wasn't any surprise that they were so busy that it took about 15 minutes of waiting just to get my car into their car wash.

I then went inside their office to wait for my car and noticed that they did NOT have one flyer from another business inside their office.

They were able to get all those other businesses in the area to send them referrals without having to do one reciprocal referral arrangement. And they did it simply by asking the business owners. That's all.

Car Spa probably gets 100 times the amount of referrals of any other business in the area as a direct result of this simple referral tactic.

If you have a brick and mortar business, what's stopping you from doing the same thing? All it takes is a couple of hours a day and a handful or referral flyers to pass out.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Common Western Union scams!

 Do I need a college degree to make good money in today's world?

Work Online Earn Money!

Common Western Union scams include, but are not limited to the following:

Scam # 1: Seller asks you to pay by Western Union and tells you it will be safe because you can make out the payment to the name of one of your friend’s or relative’s names, but put the seller’s address on the payment. You will then tell the seller the control number (identification #) of the payment so he can go to Western Union and verify you have made the payment. Once you receive the shipment, you will go to Western Union and change the name to the seller’s real name so that he can pick up the money.

Why it’s a scam: Once the seller knows the address or control number of the payment, he can go get the payment and send you nothing. Many Western Union agents in foreign countries never ask for identification.

Scam #2: Seller asks you to pay by Western Union and tells you to make the payment using Western Union’s “secret question” feature. This feature is designed so that the Western Union agent will ask a secret question to whoever is picking up the money, and he must get the answer right in order to collect the money.

Why it’s a scam: Again, many times Western Union agents do not ask the question, and only care if the person knows the address or control number, especially outside of the United States. Western Union even advises on their website not to rely on the secret question feature.

The Scam On Facebook

It all started on Facebook. A woman posted to a local buy-sell group with a Thermomix for $350. Now, that’s a bloody good deal as those things usually go for $900. I’ve been eyeing them for a while, so I know. This is a fantastic price. I check the woman’s profile out and she looks legit: she has a long-standing profile, some public photos and is a part of some other groups in the local area. Fair enough.

Her message says to contact an email address, which is doubly odd because the email address doesn’t match her name, but whatever. She tells me she bought the item a few months ago, but now has to travel for work. She can’t use it because she’s away, and she’d prefer the cash. She has left the Thermomix with her brother-in-law who can bring it around whenever I’m free. Sounds reasonable, right?
So, I’m still thinking this is okay. I ask about the payment. People round here like cheques, but if I were selling, I’d prefer to be paid in cash. So, I ask. She says she’d prefer a Western Union transfer, which I can do via the post office or online. I mention that I’d rather not send money before I see the item and that if I can send a payment online I can do that while her brother-in-law is here watching me. That or pay him in cash and he can wire it to the seller. This is far more sensible.
But no, she tells me Western Union has this password protection set up. I nominate a password and when I’ve seen the goods I tell her brother in law what it is (or email her with it). To me, that sounded like a decent escrow system. I even chatted to my firend about it and we agreed that Western Union sounded like they had a good system in place. I very nearly went ahead with this, until I had a moment to stop and think about it.
So, if I wire this money to a person I don’t know with only a password between them receiving the money or not, what is to stop them bribing or whining their way to getting the clerk to hand it over?

The Red Flags

The problem with scammers is that they have perfected the art of sounding harmless. All of the red flags were released drip-by-drip so that they didn’t look altogether dodgy at a glance.
The first red flag should have been the price. Secondly, the email address not matching. Subsequently, the offer to deliver to my house, then the elaborate payment system and the brother-in-law. Why couldn’t I just pay when he arrived? And why is this person ringing from a private number?

When she sent the email with the payment details I realised she wanted me to send the payment to Benin. Where’s Benin? Oh, right next door to Nigeria. Another red flag. And the name didn’t match hers. Giant. Red. Flag. And why did the details look like a cut-and-paste job? Red Flag!
The final red flag was when the supposed brother-in-law started asking for the transaction number of the payment before he arrived. To begin with, that sort of made sense. But when I thought about it, once he had that transaction code, the only thing stopping them from having my money was a clerk I don’t know in a country I don’t know, who may or may not bother asking for a password. That’s not very secure. Not at all. And with that in mind, they may not even need the code. I’m sure a friendly clerk could look the transaction up for them.

Lessons Learned

So, the crisis was averted. I am still the owner of my $350 and I’ve gained a scary tale to tell. But what I will re-iterate is this: Don’t send large amounts of money via the Internet to people you don’t know, even if there’s a supposed password system in place. Also, just because a Facebook account looks legitimate is no reason to believe it’s not a scam. The real Facebook user may have been hacked, or the scammers might just be really good. The Facebook element makes it all the more dangerous, as nowadays we are likely to believe the identities behind these profiles are who they say they are.

Make Easy Money Online Blogging!

 Do I need a college degree to make good money in today's world?

Work Online Earn Money!

Creating an Affiliate Website that Sells like Crazy!

A. Affiliate Networks

I will cover a few basics first. So many “gurus” tell you to simply join affiliate programs, and you will be on your way to making a bundle of money. That couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have joined any before, you already know this. You will always be faced with the following questions: What affiliate programs should you join? How do you promote the programs? How do you get quality traffic to your website?

Do you have an affiliate website that makes people want to buy anything? Well, finding the top affiliate programs is the easy part. While some companies have their own in-house affiliate program, others have theirs run by a major affiliate network.The top affiliate networks in my opinion are:


1.  Clickbank - Dedicated to digital products, i.e. products that are available by download.
2.  Commission Junction (CJ) - The top affiliate network for companies that sell physical products like computers, credit cards, clothing, etc. Some of the biggest internet properties in the world have pro- grams here.
3.  BeFree - Also owned by Commission Junction.
4.  LinkShare - Some of the top companies on the web have their programs available here.

 5  Performics - Some decent, large brick & mortar companies here.
6. WebSponsors - Another “boutique” network with a few decent programs such as  “free giveaway” programs.
7.  Shareasale - Worth a look. Not bad, not great.
8.  ClickxChange - A few hundred small advertisers. Only network I know of that accepts programs like foreign pharmacies.

Finding the top paying affiliate programs at Clickbank, CJ, etc. is easy. You can check their EPC (earnings per-click) and join those that convert the best. Clickbank calls this . I will say it MANY times....I believe selling INFORMATION on the internet is the easiest way to get rich. Although many of my strategies can be applied to physical products, I always make a killing on informational products. That is why I think Clickbank is the best network to join.

5 aspects of every successful website.

1. Create Hope
Thousands of people search every day for “hope”. That’s right, people buy money-making ebooks, diet ebooks, how-to-gamble ebooks, and many more based purely on hope. 99% of these people will not put these ebooks into action whatsoever. But they have it in their head that if they buy a certain ebook, they will learn a secret that will change their life. And once they finish the book (if they even read it), they don’t put it into action because they ultimately find out it takes too much work. Then a month later, they’re searching on the internet for the same thing – a magic formula for success in a particular facet of life such as money, looks, health, etc. And they gobble up these ebooks like there is no tomorrow... at least the ones that have good ad copy. And the sellers of most of these ebooks rarely reveal anything you don’t already know. And they know it. But they offer their money back guarantees because they know that more than 75% of people will put the ebook on the back burner and forget to request a refund.

So, invoking HOPE is the first of 5 aspects I ALWAYS utilize to make a killer website that sells. And you can give people hope in many ways, with many different products, but I find it most effective with infor- mational products, because somehow you can get away with practically promising the world, and then under-delivering. You are basically telling people what they want to hear. However, hope can also apply to physical products, such as a credit card for example.  “Get your xyz credit card today and re-build your credit quicker”. Or how about “Order the Pentium 4 xyz computer today and do things on a computer you’ve never dreamed of.” Of course, those sentences aren’t really convincing enough to make you get the credit card or computer, but hope itself doesn’t sell things. There are 3 more things to add to the puzzle.

2. Cause a Sense of Urgency
The second aspect of a killer site that sells is giving people a sense of URGENCY. I’m sure you’ve seen products for sale that say something like “order by midnight tonight and you will receive a $20 discount”. But I guarantee if you go back to that page the next day, it says the same thing. Buyers may even consider that, but do they really want to risk the $20 discount not being there the next day? Chances are, if it’s an impulse buy, they won’t want to risk waiting and possibly missing out on the deal.

3. Appear as an Authority
The third aspect of a killer site that sells is to appear as an AUTHORITY. No matter what you are selling, you must appear to be an expert on the subject. As they say, appearances are everything. Why would I want to buy a gambling ebook from a guy that shows evidence that he won $200 at a card game one time? Big deal. You want the ebook from the guy that won $8 million at gambling. An advanced technique is to appear as an unbiased authority. If you can come across as someone who is trying to help, and doesn’t re- ally benefit from a sale of the products listed on your site, you are another step ahead of the game. People love to follow the advice of independent reviewers who are just giving their “honest” opinion of a product. They don’t need to know you get a commission for the sale.

4. Appear Unbiased
The fourth aspect of a killer site that sells is to appear as an unbiased 3rd party. You can review products as if you are trying to help people make informed decisions without looking like you are affiliated with them. See my sales letter below for a unique example.

5. Encourage Fear
The fifth aspect of a killer site that sells is causing FEAR. You can actually instill fear into your visitors, by making them believe that they will face problems ahead if they buy a similar product elsewhere, or if they don’t buy yours....NOW. How do you do this? How about this: “Get Rich Quick Scams Revealed......”. Then write an article about many occurrences of get rich quick fraud. But, don’t name names. Be general in what you call a scam, because you don’t want any legal trouble. Then, after your article, you could say that throughout your comprehensive research for the exposé article, you did come across a couple of money making programs that people were repeatedly happy with. You even spoke to the owners of the pro- grams you recommend, etc. and found them to be very honest and straightforward, didn’t you?

Get Rich Quick Scams Revealed!

B. Offering Rebates
Now let’s use Google Profits as an example. Currently you earn 67% commission as an affiliate of  “Google Profits”. So if you offered this program to people for a 30% discount off the regular price, don’t you think people would buy from you? The way you can easily offer this program to people for a 30% discount ($15 off ) is by offering an affiliate rebate. The program is $49.95 and you make 67% commission, which is $33.50. Out of your $33.50 you are giving $15 back to the consumer and you are left with $18.50. You simply let people know that if they order the program through your website link, after 60 days you will either send them a check for $15 or pay them by Paypal. Require them to send you their receipt. That way you can search your Clickbank admin for their order after 60 days to make sure they didn’t already get a refund. You are effectively offering people a rebate for purchasing through your affiliate link. While everyone else has ads saying how great the “Google Profits” program is (or whatever program you are promoting), you will have an ad that says $15 discount off of the popular Google Profits program.

C. Getting Paid Per Lead
Not only can you generate sales as an affiliate, you can also generate leads. One way to generate leads, such as mortgage leads, debt consolidation leads, sales leads, etc. is to create a website that gives away free, use- ful information, and tell visitors that in order to access your free information, all they need to do is fill out a no obligation form for refinancing info, debt consolidation, buying a car, etc. This is called a forced lead, or incentivized lead. Most companies don’t want to pay for incentivized leads, but if you are giving away free information that is somehow related, you can negotiate with them and get approval to do so.

For example, say you have a website that gives away free info on how to repair your credit on your own with- out hiring a service. Many sites charge money for information like this. You could give this information away freely, but require visitors to first fill out a short debt consolidation questionnaire. You are happy because you get paid $10 or so for the lead, the customer is happy because they got free credit repair info, and the debt consolidation company is happy because they can call your lead and try to get them to sign up for their debt consolidation program, which the person most likely needs because they are seeking info on credit repair. It’s a win-win-win situation. And that is how you approach the company that you want to generate leads for. There are many companies that pay-per-lead on networks like Commission Junction ( and the others I named in section A of this chapter.

D. Google AdSense
Anyone can put AdSense ads on their site, and make them look nice. But where do you get the traffic from? Blogging, SEO? The chances of getting traffic to your site quickly through a blog or SEO is very slim.

Be a traffic middleman. Get quick, cheap, quality traffic to your website by buying keyword ads on Google AdWords or Overture, and only bidding the minimum of  $.05 or $.10 or by buying one of the top 3 positions on the small PPC search engines. When people click on your ad and are taken to your website, immediately show them relevant Google AdSense ads, and optimize your site to get them to click on these ads.

You are paying just pennies for the visitor, yet you can earn a few dollars if that same visitor clicks on the Google ad on your page. That’s because Google advertisers pay a lot more money to be seen, and because below I will show you how to be armed with a list of the keywords that Google advertisers currently pay the most money for, per click.

If you bid 5 cents for a keyword on Miva and get paid 50 cents by Google AdSense for that same keyword, it’s a no-brainer. There are literally hundreds of thousands of keywords you can buy ads for cheaply on the # 3-12 PPC sites listed above. Yet, many of the same keywords are VERY expensive on Google.

I look on for a popular keyphrase I may want to market,  such as  , and see that it currently costs $0.21 per click to appear in the # 1 position. Now I look on Overture’s max bid tool here and do a search for whatever keyword I have in mind, such as “domain registration”.  Then I see that advertis- ers are bidding up to $7.00 per click for the SAME keyphrase I can pay $.21 for on The Overture bids indicate to me that advertisers on Google are bidding similarly.

So, now I create a page on my website specifically about “domain registration”.  It’s important to note that I shouldn’t JUST have a page with Google AdSense ads on it, or Google will ban me, possibly for life. Other reasons that Google will ban you are if you tell your visitors straight out that you want them to click on your ads, either by text, arrows, etc. So don’t do it! (And don’t click on your own ads either. Google will know.) Instead, I must have a page with at least 2 or 3 paragraphs of relevant information on it about domain reg- istration. Then I put the Google AdSense ads between paragraphs, because AdSense allows you to select a borderless ad (make the border the same color as your background), which will work very well when placed between paragraphs, as it will look less like an ad, and more like part of your content. It will blend in.

Now, in order to trigger a relevant Google ad for my example keyphrase, domain registration, I must make sure I have the keyphrase domain registration in my page title, in the meta tags, in the description tag, and within the text of my paragraphs several times, making sure I bold it at least once. I should also have an H1 and H2 heading tag on the page with domain registration as well. I would also make sure I have a link somewhere on the site, linking back to my homepage, with an anchor text of “domain registration”

Get Rich Quick Scams Revealed!

 Do I need a college degree to make good money in today's world?

Work Online Earn Money!

Wouldn’t it be nice to make a bundle of money quickly, with minimal effort, working at home in your paja- mas? Of course it would. I for one would love to have money flowing into my bank account, working only a few hours a week from home, so I’d have more time to spend with my kids and my husband, without any boss looking over my shoulder.

Whether it’s real estate investing, selling by classified ads, stock market investing, internet affiliate market-ing, or something else, we’ve all seen the fantastic claims people make about making tons of money, AND how they can show you how to do the same thing. I can tell you right now that 99% of these people are total frauds. You may have even fallen prey to one of these scam artists, selling you their latest “get rich quick” pro- gram. Me too. I’ve bought so many of these programs that I can’t even recall how many. I don’t know why, but I tend to find the “good” in people, and I was “sold” by these marketing schemes time and time again, even after being scammed by another. Finally, after so many disappointments, I got FED UP. I decided to get to the bot- tom of this fascination we all have with get rich quick programs, and find out if there really were any LEGITI- MATE programs for making money.

I literally contacted the administrator of every get rich quick website I could find. Posing as an investor, I managed to convince the owners that I was seriously interested in purchasing their entire website and busi- ness. That way, once the dollar signs flashed in their heads, they would give me free access to their member’s areas to review what I would be “buying”. Well, I was disgusted with 99% of what I found. Many of the owners actually boasted about how many people bought their useless programs. I repeatedly found:

• outdated information
• non-working links
• links leading to other sites that asked for more money
• no help section
• no real email support

I quickly realized that these so-called Get Rich Quick programs were totally useless. And the owners knew it, yet they were laughing all the way to the bank! Needless to say, I didn’t respond when they asked if I was still interested in buying their websites.Surprisingly, while sifting through all of the scam artists’ websites, I was able to locate a couple of individuals that actually ran legitimate programs.

The owners were every day people like you and me that found a way to make extra money working from home on their computers. Their membership areas were impressive, with a good amount of quality informa- tion on how to make $100-$200 per day on your computer doing very little work. I even chatted with a few of their customers in several online forums, and they verified that they were making extra money through the sites. It was like I found a few diamonds in the rough. But don’t take my word for it, you can visit the 2 sites I found below. See what you think.

They do charge a minimal fee for access to their program, which is to be expected for any legitimate compa- ny that actually has people on staff who are dedicated to helping you get started. What a friendly group of people! Anyway, if you do decide you are interested in either of the two programs below, I advise you to join quickly, as the owners have informed me that they are getting so many new members by word of mouth referrals, that they will be closing off membership completely in the next 2 days. (By the way, you didn’t hear this from me!) They don’t have a large enough staff to accommodate many more people, and they are dedicated to providing excellent service to each person.