3 Secrets to a Successful Mindset

1.  Strong Desire 
Right now does your life suck?

If so, this may be a good thing and almost essential to help you move forward. Don’t complain about it or use it as an excuse, instead use it as motivation.

If you could give anything to change your financial situation right now, this is good motivation to put your head down and start doing something differently.

Do you want to quit your job? Do you want to travel more often? Are you feeling unhappy that you can’t live life how you want to live?

Think  about  all  the  things  you  hate  in  your  life.  Then  use  this  as ammunition to strive for something better. You deserve it!

2.  Owning Your Results (good or bad)

When  you  experience  success,  you  cheer;  and  when  you  experience failure, keep going.

Part of owning a success mindset is not blaming anyone. Ultimately, you alone are in charge of every success and failure.

When  something  goes  wrong  in  your  business,  don’t  externalize  the blame on someone else. Take responsibility.

A failure mindset is when you blame your software. Or blame someone for doing something wrong. Or blame your payment processor.

When you take responsibility you take back the ability to respond. It is this ability to respond to each situation that will allow you to create the ultimate outcome you are looking for.

Look to the big picture and quit being petty about things that don’t matter in the long run. Someone else is always far worse off than you, and many who were in much worse situations than you have gone on to become successes. You  too  can  rise  to  the  occasion  regardless  of  your  current circumstances.

3.  Being Detached 

This is similar to the last point, but almost paradoxical.

While you must own your results you must also remain detached from the outcome. Whether you succeed or fail, it’s important you keep a level head.

This will carry you through with grace and certainty.

Know that you won’t (and can’t) win every time. But when you do have a big success, all your work will be worth it.

You  may  put  equal  time,  money  and  heart  into  10  projects.  Let’s  say 6 projects fail miserably, 3 projects break even and one is a whopping success.

It’s hard to know which projects will fall flat and which will fly. What matters is that you consistently go after your goal.

Don’t fret and wonder which projects will work or not. Keep going. If a particular project looks promising, run with it. Keep going until there is nothing left that can be done.

Too many people give up just before the final breakthrough. You can run a 5000m race, but unless you complete the final meter you will never get a result.

If  you  are  100%  certain  that  there  is  no  future  in  it,  then  let  it  go  and move on. Knowing when to quit can also be a good thing.

Just remember, your first success is the hardest to get to.

When  you  keep  at  it,  you’ll  be  financially  rewarded. And  once  you’ve made it, it’s much easier to create the next success.