3 Secrets to a Successful Mindset

Every  successful  person  you  meet,  hear  or  read  about  has  failed,  without exception (and not just once either).

Often the best learning comes from experiencing firsthand what not to do. You cannot follow someone else’s path to success exactly; we each have our own personal variation.

Don’t be afraid to experience things firsthand. Unfortunately many people who fall over, complain loudly to everyone about their ‘bad luck’. Worse still they stay put where they’ve fallen and don’t get up. Imagine if we had done this as children learning to talk, walk or talk—where would we be today?

Sometimes falling down will hurt. I lost tens of thousands of dollars on my journey to making many more. And I still lose a lot experimenting with new ideas and projects. But that hasn’t stopped me.

Every  successful  person  has  fallen,  and  every  single  one  has  gotten  up  and continued walking.

When you experience failure, pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes and then just keep on going.