Thursday, April 23, 2015


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1. Not valuing your credit

Good credit is a valuable commodity in today’s world. Bad credit, including a bad credit record, late payments, etc., can create a negative financial profile that can surface when you have a legitimate need to borrow

2. Raising credit card limits

 If you use credit cards, avoid raising your limit. An in- creased limit is merely an increased temptation to buy. If a company notifies you that they are raising your credit limit, take that as a warning signal. Chances are you’ve been using your credit card for more than emergencies.

3. Not monitoring your credit history 

Know where you stand. Lenders and prospective employers get a snapshot of your debt repayment history with your credit report and it is important for you to know what they are seeing.

4. Not monitoring your credit score

A good credit score can determine a lot of things to- day: Whether you will be approved for credit,the interest rate on your loans, the cost of your home- owner’s and auto insurance or whether you will be approved to rent a house or an apartment.

5. Not knowing your interest rate and fees

Fees vary widely among cards. Always make sure you know what the interest rate and annual fees are before you accept the card.

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