Wednesday, April 1, 2015



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There are many miserable people in the world. Some of these people already know how the mind works and the subconscious acts, and their important role in achieving goals, yet, somehow they just cannot make it work for them. Why is this so?

Skeptical people say: “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Those who know the rules of life say, “I believe and for that I’'ll see.” William Arthur Ward, author of Mind Power, says, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”


Word #1:  This Gets the Job Done
 “For  those  of  you  that  would  like  to  overcome  fear,  the  Lifestyle  Freedom  Club membership gets the job done. You will overcome the fear in your life now!”  Your buyer will fully understand that investing  in your services will get the  job done  for them and there’s no use in going anywhere else for what they want.

Word #2:  NOW
This one  is easy.  No  one  likes to wait for anything these days.   Providing a  product  or service NOW  is  definitely something that people are looking  for.  Instant gratification!  However, don’t offer it if you can’t do it.

Word #3:  You Won! 
Winning  is  exciting  for  everyone!    You  grab  the  reader’s  attention  and  you  give  them something  for  free.    For  instance,  “YOU  WON  a  FREE  in-home  electrical  safety assessment.    Make  sure your  home  is  safe  and  secure  for  your  family.    To  claim  your prize, grab your phone and call (insert number) now!”  Only use YOU WON if you are truly giving something to the person.  No one likes to be suckered into thinking that they won something and then they really didn’t. 

Word #4:  FREE
The word that everyone loves…FREE!  Free is good. At my public events, I  give the new attendees  a  free  affirmation  magnet,  CD  and  newsletter  plus  other  information  about my company, products and services.

Word #5:  Sold Out
These are two words you don't want said to you.   No one likes to miss a  bargain.  Any type of business can use the words *Sold Out* when marketing its products and services to existing and new clients.