Monday, April 13, 2015


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Do you want to receive everything and give nothing in return? How would you like to be popular everywhere and yet feel hypocritical, malicious and jealous inside?

It won't work. You are more familiar with this law than you realize. Have you ever noticed that people who talk about others behind their back are also spoken about behind theirs? Likewise, cheaters and thieves attract and surround themselves with others who cheat and steal.

When people want advice, they seek out a trustworthy person. You are familiar with the saying, He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. This plays out in all areas of life, business and personal. Have you noticed that most wealthy people donate money and contribute in other charitable ways? This isn't just because of the tax write-off. Giving 10% of your income is a convention that falls under the jurisdiction of the Law of Exponential Returns. Why?

 Because you cannot expect something if you don't give it first what you give returns to you tenfold.

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To earn interest, you must first invest. 
You may know someone who often forgets their wallet on the day it is their turn to buy lunch. How about someone who excuses him or herself to the rest room after a nice evening out, just before the waiter brings the check. People like this exhibit an astonishing truth – they are always without money. On the other hand, someone else you may know who doesn'’t have much money, but who always pays when it is their turn, always has money when they need it.

Everything evens out and the Universe eventually balances everything!   
Don’t think you will save money being tightfisted and stingy; on the contrary, you are doing yourself the worst damage possible. All generosity is eventually rewarded.

Many successful people sponsor community entertainment or give to charities where the donations are used for those who are less fortunate. On the other hand, it is true that charitable donations are tax deductible, but they also satisfy human ego and the pride of helping others – “let it be seen who I am.”

Remember, whatever you want to receive, you must first give - whether it’s affection, friendship, love or money. Or, more clearly, you have to create that energy first within yourself. Does this mean no one will ever cheat or take advantage of you? No, there will always be circumstances where someone gets rich by stepping on others or by cheating or using fraudulent methods. Americans are fond of saying, “Easy come, easy go.” 

However, if you remain “positive” in your thinking and focus on the good inherent in each person, others will seek your company and consider you a great person. The Universe will take care of the rest.