Saturday, April 18, 2015


Talking the talk and walking the talk.

Most folks could easily list the things they do not want in their lives, the directions they no longer wish to follow.  What is more difficult is to know what is important, significant and valuable to you and to define success on your own terms. Individuals need clear vision and thoughtful action plans to succeed.

In many occasions folks find themselves articulating very creative ideas, but it is sad that they only "talk the talk and don't walk the talk."

When we make choices consciously, we are progressing.  Understanding the need for clarity in our values, our goals and our use of time creates the map.  ’Walking the talk’ becomes easier. 

We need to see ourselves as capable of reaching beyond our current circumstances to achieve our dreams.  This may mean breaking out of mental patterns of lack, limitation or toleration. We literally need to remove emotional and mental barriers to our success.

  What we are DOING is the key to our successes.  There is very little good in saying that your family is the most important thing in your life and spending most of your time at work.  Your family will never know they are important to you.  There is very little good in saying that you love someone without saying or doing the things that tell them they are loved. There is very little good in reciting the things you know to do to maintain your health while doing none of them, There is no good in reciting the things need to do to succeed in life and yet doing nothing to realize them.

 It all comes down to integrity and walking the talk.