Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Most people desire to be happy, satisfied, healthy and successful, but this doesn’'t happen for everyone.

 Before you can learn to always get what you want, we will have to uncover and explore a few more of these Laws.

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The conflict between intellect and imagination

If you had to choose between intellect and imagination, which would you say is more important in influencing how you act? If you had to give one of them up, which would you keep? Without careful thought, most people would choose their intellect, right? Surely, that must be more important, right? Wrong!

Your imagination is the strongest creative force you have. It is always working for you in both a positive and negative sense.

The power of imagination and how it influences your life


At a death penalty execution in Cleveland, they were testing the strength of the imagination in comparison to the strength of will and intellect. They told the accused they would sever a vein in his neck and he would die painlessly as the blood flowed from the wound. They covered his eyes and made a tiny cut in his neck, what amounted to not more than a scratch. Below him, a container was set and water flowed into it with a steady sound. After a while, the man died. What caused his death – blood loss or imagination? (This case comes from Martin Kojc·s book, The Manual of Life)

What makes a person, who has done something correctly many, many times before fail to perform the same thing correctly when under pressure?

The only possible and correct explanation is because fear and doubt in the conscious mind cause them to imagine themselves making a mistake or failing the exam. Their nervousness causes an emotionally charged order to be delivered to their subconscious telling it, “I just know I’m going to make a mistake and fail this exam. I am nervous and can’t think straight. I don’t remember how to do this.”

Fear causes paralysis, both in the thought process (can’t remember) and motor ability (freeze up or tense up). 

The solution, of course, is to not think about the possibility of making a mistake and therefore your conscious mind will never form the image of you driving badly or performing poorly on an exam.

How do you do that?

Shop Amazon Gift Cards. Any Occasion. No Expiration. The mind can only hold one thought at a time. Fill your mind with good thoughts by making sure your self-talk is positive and contains statements like, “This will be easy; I'’ve done this successfully many times before and I’'m going to pass this test today. I'’ve studied and I know the answers; I’m doing fine and I know others are pleased with my past performance; today will be another successful day.”  

Every day you have to make decisions, which you will react to either intellectually or emotionally (through your imagination). Your intellect will rarely, if ever, win without the emotional approval of your imagination. Your intellect tells you what you “should” do, while your imagination tells you what you “want, don'’t want” to do. 

Again, intellect (conscious mind) is subordinate to imagination (subconscious mind).

The same is true for other examples. When something you experienced negatively before happens again, you feel the same emotions you did the first or last time. Those feelings influence your current thoughts and ideas, which manifest themselves in your physical reaction to the experience now (arms and legs tingle, a shiver runs up your spine, a lump appears in your throat, sickness overtakes your stomach). 

You will never know just how great your ideas are until you try to bring them into reality. Who says you cannot realize them? Do not always believe what your intellect tells you!


"Success Begins With A New Or Different Way Of Thinking"

Do you think different from most people around you?  Good.  Maybe this creates problems for you, you have a smaller group of friends, perhaps you associate with different people whose goals and values are similar to your own. As long as you trust in yourself and don’t allow other people’s opinions to bother you, everything will be just fine.

Unfortunately, most people thrive on the failures of others. Instead of acting positively for themselves, they spend their time hindering the efforts of others. They don'’t like others to be better or do better than they are. They do nothing to encourage or support them, everything to divert and discourage them. They are the people who fill the bars at night and blame everyone else for their failures and lot in life. Afterwards, they go home in a bad mood where their annoyed wives and families are waiting for them. In the evening, they watch television that makes them even more depressed with all the bad news and negative coverage and then the day is over. Day after day, year after year is the same routine. Life goes on. There are many of these unhappy and “negative” people. 

Anytime you choose to bend to the will of others at the expense of yourself, you do harm to you and the other people involved. You may think you are being a loyal friend, but in reality, you are betraying yourself and your friend.

Everyone, and I mean everyone who has succeeded in life began as just such a person to their friends and maybe even family. So, be weird and stick to your own ideas.

Just think: All great ideas are not obvious and it takes being able to think “outside the box” to bring them to fruition. If this weren’'t the case, then success would be easy and everyone would be wealthy.

  Dr. Walter Doyle Staples says that as long as everyone thinks the same, nobody thinks at all.

Anthony De Mello expresses this thought a little differently: “There, where all share the same opinion, something must be very wrong.”

Those who manage to break free of the chains of their daily lives and look on matters from a different perspective, control the destiny of the world. Distinction of thought is the motion of development. When other people give you a hard time and try to push their advice and ideas on you, saying: “I know this is good for you, which is why I’ve pushed you so hard,” De Mello says: “Don’t bother teaching the pig to sing, you’ll only waste time and upset the pig...”

Being happy, satisfied, healthy and successful is at your own disposal.  Read more ......................