Monday, April 13, 2015


 Is anyone destined for success? Are those who inherit their fortunes guaranteed success? No. In fact, statistics show that more millionaires who are able to preserve their wealth do so by “working” for it and not by having it given to them. Do you think their wealth is based on luck? 

Look at the successful people around you. Do you know anyone who relies on fate to throw heaps of money at them? Think about your future! If you are  waiting for someone to come knocking on your door and offer you the deal of a lifetime, you should prepare for a long wait indeed. Even if such a person did come knocking on your door, you can be sure their primary interest would be personal gain and personal profit. They don'’t care about you, that’s your job! Do you really believe that such an excellent deal would be so graciously offered and so widely promoted?

Do you know of any “fairy-tale relationships” (rich Prince and gorgeous Princess) that ever worked out in the end? Even if the union survives, you can be certain that both people will not experience true happiness in life – because they are both trying to find their happiness in another person instead of within themselves. Even more – their happiness is dependent on another person: “If this person does what I want or need him or her to do, then I am happy. If not – well, life is a struggle, full of pain ......

…”Sooner, or later the day will come when your partner won’t want to focus solely on your needs and you will feel like he or she is “forgetting to love you.” Now what do you do? Should you get a divorce? Beg for attention? Maybe you should punish him or her – just to “let them know how much you are suffering?” I’m sure you’'ve heard many stories like this one. 

This happens when we try to reach happiness through other people.

Success requires action, not passivity! ServerMania