Monday, April 6, 2015

Why You Need More Money

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Everyone has a turning point and their own story to tell, when enough really is enough.
  • Do you feel inadequate that you can’t give your family the quality of life you want to provide for them? 
  • Are you tired of putting in long hours to make your boss even richer? 
  • Is  your  offline  business  struggling,  or  just  reached  a  plateau  that  you  can’t break through? 
  • Have you lost or fear for your job in these uncertain financial times? 
  • Do you desperately want to turn your financial world around, but don’t know how?
Something to note:-
Money Alone Cannot Make You Happy; However, having said that, money can make life a whole lot easier.

It’s true. Marriage break-ups, general unease, emotional stress and even suicide have all being attributed to not having enough money.

Many top medical doctors now attribute up to 80% of disease to stress. Stress often caused by the lack of money, the stress in creating it, or the relationship issues caused because of it.

The sooner you do something different about your money situation, the quicker you’ll enjoy a richer outcome.

3 ways of making money online
Online you can only make money in three ways: as an affiliate, as a product creator or as a service provider. Everything else is simply a variation of one of these methods.

1.  Affiliate
In  this  category  I  also  include  models  such  as AdSense  and  Cost  Per Acquisition (CPA). They’re all the same whereby you are creating traffic for someone else and either paid per click, per lead or per sale.

2.  Service Provider
Being  a  service  provider  could  be  anything  from  offering  hosting,  to providing copywriting or SEO services.

3.  Product Owner
The other option is to own and market your own product. It’s true that product creation is the best way to create sustainable income that’s more likely to last in the long-term.

In our coming postings we will be exploring one after another.

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